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It's crazy the way pups can get sick or be sick and we don't even know it. I took our 6 month old Boxer girl in to be spayed last Friday and had pre-op blood work done, turns out she had an e coli infection so extra tests and 2 weeks of antibiotics and then more tests, maybe then the original surgery can happen. She is like super full of energy now:) Glad you got your puppy taken care of in time:)

Donna in NH

Poor little guy. So glad you stopped home and could make it to the vet. Hope he heals up fast.


how's the dog? recovering I hope. could not believe how many quilts you made in a year while working, living life, rescuing dogs! I'm a lurker but couldn't stand not knowing how the dogs are doing.


Hope Tod is doing better and that you can still move around a bit without major pain. How goes the quilting? What happened with all the things that were going on just after your BD?

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