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Tina in NJ

Just be sure to put Buck in a safe place. You wouldn't want to lose him. ;)


Just reading about all this wants me to lay down and take a nap. (a la Uncle Si)!


Oh, the pain! How long until we get to see a bikini modeling? Have you tried the black bean brownies? Supposed to be very good and good for you.

Birds in Flight look beautiful. You are doing such nice work. And I have noticed the new profile pic. You look happy and very bright and cheerful in this one.

Have a great year ahead.


That cake looks delish.
I can sympathise with the teeth. Broke 3 front teeth under the bridge 2 days before Christmas and couldn't get the bridge to come out. It finally flew out a few days ago. Just back from the dentist where the remains of my teeth have been removed, discussions on what we are going to do have taken place and with luck 6 months from now I will have front teeth. Whatever your fears go for it you will be happy you had the work done. A bonus is that the longer you put it off the pricier it gets.

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