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Glad to see you are back! Hope it isn't quite so long between posts this time... I've been wondering how you were. (And Ry guy and the puppies and everybody else! LOL!


Amazing. Your quilts are beautiful and you are incredibly generous to share them & the stories behind them. Love your art & your heart! Cheers to 2014 - you go girl!

Jean McMurry

Glad to see you back on track. How was the cruise, I saw some the pictures on Facebook. Look forward to you finishing the quilts.

Lisa Mikel

Congratulations on all your quilts Tracee they are all amazing! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of them they are all beautiful.

Tina in NJ

I'm pretty sure that last one wasn't Shorelines, but Surf and Sand sneaking in for an encore. I too am glad you're back. Hope the pack are all well.

donna j

Absolutely loved seeing the quilts! you are a very good artist. they are great! I would love to get one of them, too. Guess I will just have to make my own.
I missed you, too. So glad you are back to posting. Pet the puppies for me and give them some virtual treats.
From down in Kansas way...dj


Hi Tracee... Haven't seen any blog post in a while and am hoping everything is okay...

Jean McMurry

I miss your blog, are you ever going to talk to us again?

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