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Marjolein den Boer

Good to hear you're ok, as well as the puppies. Curious about the quilting project for your mum :-)
We've had some sunshine here, hope you've seen some as well!


Hi Tracee,it was a long winter here too. Oswego County, NY had plenty of snow. I have been in a slump also. I'm finding that taking pictures of items that stir up ideas for quilting, a color combination or a pattern is helping me. The wild flowers in the woods were beautiful this year. The various greens are great too.
As for your fly problem, I've seen a solution on-line and at a few of the local restaurants. The are hanging ziplock bags filled with water(half full) and 5-10 pennies. The idea is that the water and pennies reflect back the flies making them think that there is a whole bunch of them. We put one over our main entry and one window that they like to come in. I've also heard that it will work with bees. I googled it after I read about it from one of my cousins. Good Luck and I'm glad to hear your family is doing well.

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