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Your ending made me laugh. Old is not dead. =) I loved reading about Dorothy and how your friendship developed. You are a special young woman, and not because your picture is in a magazine. =)


Just discovered your blog and loving it - I'm struggling to make a couple of quilts a year so will watch your progress with envy, absolutely love the pics with the dogs, what characters! Keep going.

Deborah K

Tracee, I don't normally post on blogs but I just have to say, I'm loving your blog and I love it that Dorothy is your first recipient. How very,very sweet. Please but a label on the quilt. Maybe with a quote from one of the books she gave you. ;)


Hi Tracee, I've been reading your posts at McCall's web page (and I've enjoyed them). That's how I ended up here at this blog:o) My intention is to start with this post and catch up. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I'm finding your writing to be informative, enjoyable and entertaining!

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