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Just stumbled upon your nascent blog via Erin Russek's blog, and I look forward to following your progress and stories as the year progresses. That snowball quilt looks like a fun one; perhaps I'll quilt along with you a bit! Cheers, and Happy Stitching.

Becky Ganzhorn

Yep! I love that snow ball quilt too. I was given a bunch of oriental flavored prints that might look good. Great good luck!


Hi Tracee - you're such an inspiration! I'm looking forward to following along as you achieve your goals this year. If you can do 36, I can certainly do 5 or 6 this year. Way to go, I can't wait to see which patterns you choose. Happy New year!


Your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm so excited to follow along and share your joy.

Marty Mitchell

Saw about you on Erin's site. I enjoy McCalls and now I feel like I know 2 people who work there. I don't blog but quilt a litte, applique a little, piddle a little and read blogs and books constandly. I am retired and love to find new blogs when they start up. Can't wait to see all your quilts. 36 lucky but well deserving people, I am sure. I made the McCalls mystery quilt this year, not quilted, but really like it. My first Mystery ever.


Tracee Doran

I would love to see a picture of they Mystery Quilt from McCall's Marty! And yes, you now know 2 of us! I'd also love to know what books you are reading, the ones you love. Do share, please!

Tracee Doran

Frances B - do sew along with me. The pattern for this quilt will be posted this week on the McCall's site - super quick!

Tracee Doran

Sherri - please share your quilts this year! I can't wait to see them.

Tracee Doran

Valerie, I am so excited to give my quilts to people. If anything at all, that is what will get me through this. :) If you quilt, please share!

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