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Congratulations on getting Bo's quilt quilted - it looks amazing!! I, too, have "sewn" my fingers - it hurts!!! But I am finally learning to keep my fingers away from the needle - I am sure you will as well!! Also, I would love to know how you can go a whole day without eating - I am lucky if I can go a couple of hours!! Good luck on your quest - you are right on track! I am really enjoying following your progress.


I am enjoying your quilting journey! Hope your fingers recover soon. ;)


Wow, you really did a great job on the quilting, it was worth the seam ripping! I have these bright yellow gloves for moving the fabric around under the needle, they have grippy things on them like those one-piece pjs one had on as a child! They save the strain on my fingers because I have lost all the gripping action on the tip of my fingers from quilting and my fingertips are so smooth they are slippy like glass. And best part the gloves only cost between $3 and $10 depending on the brand.

Jean McMurry

You need to eat at least once a day, breakfast is the best time, since you are just getting up, and haven't started anything else. I am so enjoying your blog and follow you everyday. Never done that before. Hang in there, and you will make your goal...


Sorry to hear about the needle in the finger, but you were lucky - a paramedic in the house! I made the mistake of calling the ER to see if I needed to come in- and heard lots of people laughing at me. This may or may not help, but I now sew with an ott lite. More light and I seem to be able to keep my fingers out of the way! Sorry to hear about your dog, too. Maybe a 37th quilt from scraps? I'm cheering you along your journey, and quite excited to see how the year turns out.

Charlene S

Broke your finger making a bed?? I broke my arm sleeping. Ha ha. We're a special breed. All the quilts look gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the next one!


I'm not sure what i am enjoying the most in regards to your blog, the inspiration of your quilting journey this year or your wicked sense of humor and story telling talents. You are so funny and you can quilt!

Tracee Doran

Lori, I have no idea how I go without eating for days. It's something I rarely think about. When I lived with my mom I ate ALL the time - and I do eat when Ryan's home, but other than that, I don't get it. BUT - I have set a new rule for myself; 3 squares a day from this point on.

Kat - My fingers are better! :) Scars tell better stories than tattoos.

Shanna; I think I will use your advice on picking up a pair of yellow gloves, I think we might have some here at work I can try. Thanks for the advice!

Jean; I've eaten breakfast everyday since! I'm glad your following my blog! My middle name is Jean!

Therese; I laughed really hard at your comment. I am indeed lucky to have a Paramedic in the house. Thanks for your thoughts on my dog. Usually when I go to my doctor he's like, "What did you do this time?" HaHa! But I think a needle in your finger is a very valid concern and those ER people shouldn't of laughed... but Ryan tells me they laugh at everything, guess it's the job. :)

OK Charlene S - How did you break your arm sleeping? DO TELL!!!

Mcm - Glad you're enjoying my blog. And what a sweet compliment, "story telling talents" I just wanted to start a blog about the things I love most. People, quilts, dogs and laughter. :)

Joanie Relf

And you have a Whippet too? Your life is truly grand!

Naomi Vela

Wow, I love, love, love the quilting on the quilt in this post *scrolls back up to read who it's for* That's right Bo's quilt :o) Now if you can just come show me how to do it, I'll be happy....I've already perfected the sewing machine needle through my finger....mine was with a walking foot not an embroidery foot though lol

WTG Ryan with his 'professional' words of wisdom....you do as your hubby says, and keep those now 'nailed' fingers away from the needle...it would be a shame to do such a good job at curing the nail biting, to keep damaging them with needles.


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