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Cute pictures, but Im a bit afraid because my 7yr old says whatever to me everyday...after reading your blog about Little Tee I'm afraid it's going to last awhile! Seriously?! But, i also appreciate the reminder that i did the same.... Thanks for teaching me about quilts and so much more! Love your blog!


I cracked up when I read abt. Your dad's concern with names. My husband took the GPS off my phone when I wanted to send pictures into a craftsy class. I told him that I didn't think a quilter would track me to my house from the coordinates on my photo to come and rob or kill me. I like living life dangerously :)
I'm so enjoying your blog and the beautiful quilts you're making. Keep up the good work.

Tracee Doran

Carol, that is too funny. Sounds like your husband is like my Dad and brother. I told my husband if someone comes and kills me cause I'm making 36 quilts in 12 months... I guess I'll just go down as a martyr for the quilting world.

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