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Love the colors in this one too. You have a wonderful eye for color.

lisa powell

we're watching netflicks episodes of Downtown Abby!!! easy to catch up on...

Laura Roberts

Hey Ms T, that's the great thing about that ironing pad... your patches don't slide around when you're trying to press them. If you place the iron on the end patch of your strip and then press toward the rest, the strip stays in place when you hit the seam allowances rather than sliding away from you. You couldn't pry mine out of my hands for anything! Laura

Tracee Doran

Hey Lisa, that's what we're going to start watching tonight - it's all the rave!

Yeah, yeah Miss Pink, that's what everyone is saying! Cheers! Oh and have fun on the cruise, send pictures! Love you, miss you!

Dania Kinney

Suits is one of the best shows on TV right now! Love your blog!

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