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Hey girl,
Glad your back... Don't even start on the back yard gunk, I have three dogs, three cats(they go outside - refuse to use a litterbox :-)) and seven ducks! Yuck....... I'm holding out till the teenager gets in trouble :-). I'm a Florida gal transplanted to Utah, I need some sunshine, bad! We've had ninty plus consecutive days of snow on the ground. I'd freak the garbage man out for sure :-)!
Your quilting momentum is truely inspiring and I really enjoy the stories that go with them.
Again, glad your back,

Ps.... I'm so ready to rock the "hoochie mamma shorts" and mow the lawn (hubby installed a beer holder) :-) - Cheers :-)


Another fabulous quilt! I love reading your stories, fun and inspiring!! I have to admit, I'm with your mom on saving fabric. I worked in a fabric store when I was in high school, "The Sewing Basket". I still have some fabric from there, and I have children your age (three of them to be exact!). Keep up the great fun!!

Tracee Doran

Tisha - I'm jealous!!! I want a lawn mower with a beer holder!!! Send pictures!

Donna - glad you're having fun with me! Makes it all the more fun for me. :)

Jan Taylor

Good girl with your unbitten nails! I didn't stop biting mine until I was 60 yrs. old,

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