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Dana H.


Vicki Louise

I encourage you to take a picture of your nails and post it every day. I'd love to cheer you on and get a visual image of how you are doing. You'd have to go public with the results which requires a BIG committment.

Are you willing?


Jeanette Shouse

I have very thin, easily cracked and broken nails. I found a treatment by Nutra Nail called 5 to 7 day growth formula. It really healpd my nails when I can remember to brush it on. It is not a polish (which I tend to gnaw off if I put it on!). It sinks into the nail and strengthens it and can be buffed nicely. Worth giving it a try. Oh, I was also a nail biter for many years.


Once they grow and you put some pretty polish on them you are going to love having nails. They are such a useful tool when sewing, its easier to pick up pins and to finger press a seam open, not to mention give good back scratches to both hubbs and dogs!
If they end up kinda fragile, you can head to the nail salon and have a lacquer put on, makes them stronger. And I love the click when typing!
I bit mine for 20 years, and getting them done is my only vanity. I don’t wear makeup, I think of the money I’ve saved over the years and don’t mind paying for a manicure. Stick with it, it takes 20 something days to break a habit, a month from now it will be all over and you can say “I'm done with biting my nails.” Good job!

Tracee Doran

Vicki - I accept your challenge. :)

Jeanette - going to Target tonight, think I'm grab some Nutra Nail and give it a try; thanks for the tip!

Kate - I'm getting closer to my 20 days to break my habit. :)

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