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We know you will get it done! Thanks for sharing the journey!


Go Tracee Go!!! You can do it!!! YAY Tracee!


Ok: Thunderbirds are go! You can do it Tracee :-)

Susan Madden

Time to GSD! (Get Stuff Done)
You can do it... go Tracee!


You can do it!

Katie Larson

Good luck! You will do it!


I'm hoping you had a very productive weekend and accomplished all you set out to do. Miss your daily updates. You are a very talented and creative person. looking forward to your return.


Did you reach your goal of 3 tops?


You've gorn orf again Tracee.....but then you didn't specify which Sunday did you? Ha ha. Hope you're having a great time looking forward to seeing results - soon? Elaine

sheryl scott

you're doing great tracey!!.. i love watching your progress.. and your determination.. makes me remember.. that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it... and i KNOW you will get this project done and on time too.. :)

Charlene S

Can't wait to see what you've accomplished!!!!!


Hope all is going well! X


well, its been almost 2 Sundays, hope you are doing well and just too busy catching up on your housework, special assignments and quilts and nothing is seriously wrong.

hope you are not affected by the flooding in Colo. Miss your posts and pictures.

Anna Marie

I have been following your blog for quite a while and have never commented before. I thought you might be back on the 22nd. I hope all is well. You really have had a stressful year and I hope trying to get the rest of your quilts done by the end of the year is not adding too much more pressure.

Good luck and best wishes
Anna Marie

Shelly Gilliland

My quilting friend, Judy, made OVER 65 quilts (including quilting and binding them!) from Jan-Aug of this year! She is donating them to Project Linus for Adoption Day in Fort Wayne, IN this November. She has adopted 2 sons and wanted to make the special quilts for all the kids this year. WOW WOW WOW is all I can say! I must add that her sons are grown and she and her husband are retired.

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