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I am soooo proud of you for even attempting such a challenge. The year just wasn't long enough.
You have a life like everyone else, so enjoy it and forget about the quilts.

Wishing you, RyGuy and the pups a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



It isn't about the # of quilts you make/made in a year. to me it was amazing that you would even consider it, and that you have that many people in your world you think enough of to give that much of yourself to!

Lisa Mikel

Don't feel bad for not getting them all done this year Tracee. You have did so many quilts this year I am not sure how you managed it. You have inspired many people including me. You are amazing and have a huge heart! Glad to hear you are taking some time for yourself and your husband. Enjoy the holidays! I sewed professionally for a few years and before that sewed about everyday for enjoyment, once I started sewing like crazy for my job eventually the joy of sewing went away and it took me a long time to get my sparkle back where sewing was joyful again. Once I switched careers, (I am a registered nurse now)I started enjoying sewing again. I got my mojo back and you will too. The next time you sew, do it for yourself. The rest of your quilts for other people can wait until you are ready. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


Just keep on dancing!


Hey! Don't be down on yourself. Most of us, if not all, were actually horrified when you announced this project. Just the thought of taking on such a monumental project would have been enough to send us scuttling under the covers and staying there til the thought of all that work disappeared.

Through the year you have made some major accomplishments, improved your quilting and piecing skills, used your talents as a designer, made a lot of new friends, and gained a lot of insight into yourself. You have expanded your life on many fronts. When January 1, 2014 dawns you should rejoice that you came through the year without going to the looney bin! We will all be right here cheering loudly for all you have accomplished in a mere 365 days.

Enjoy your time with RyGuy.

Sandy A in St. Louis

Shush! Don't you be so hard on yourself! At least tried and made GREAT headway on your goal. That is more than most people would have accomplished!

Have fun dancin'!

Karyn Ashley-Smith

Does it count if...

1. Your happy followers send in "orphan blocks" that you need to figure out how to pull together into a quilt or two?

2. Your happy followers all sent in one block for you to incorporate into a quilt? You either pick the size/color/design, or leave it totally up to chance an then work with what comes your way?

You are about 30 quilts ahead of me this year...... but I think I can handle a block or two.

I think what you've done is amazing, and the journey has been fun to follow. I'm sad to think that the year is coming to an end, and Tracee may be exiting my little bubble. I love your sense of humor and the fact that you tell it like it is.

You never specified quilt sizes, did you? I have a daughter that could REALLY use a doll quilt.... or perhaps a matching quilt for her and her doll? (hmmm, that's 2...)


Deadlines are meant to be changed!! Just the fact that you are going to finish is amazing!!!

Kathy - Toronto

Hi Tracee! Missed your blog entries! Don't be disappointed about not meeting the goal- you have already achieved way more this year than many of us put together. Life is way too short to be hard on yourself. I'd love to hear more about each quilt and how it came together - and as a serial top maker who is a total chicken about attempting to free motion quilt my tops, how you finished each quilt!


Please don't beat yourself up. What you have done is amazing! Don't forget you work full time and run a household.

Relax, get dancing and enjoy the rest of the year!


donna j

Love is Like....was pretty funny and oh so very true. I was getting worried about you forcing yourself to do 36 quilts. It was quite the goal. And you did really well with it. Way better than I could have EVER done! I love to make quilts. but when I forced myself to do them because I "had to", it was no longer fun. It was only work. I do quilting because it is my love, my hobby, fun and I wanted to do something special for someone I love...but would be done when I wanted to. Please do not beat yourself up over what you may perceive as a failure. It is not! Congratulate yourself over what you have accomplished, whether it be a finished quilt or an idea for a future quilt. I think you are pretty darn wonderful and I love to follow your blog and see your lovely works of art.
Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend with RyGuy!
dj from KS

Lori M

WOW--don't feel disappointed in yourself, look at all you've accomplished this year! your quilts are beautiful and gifted with love. That's something to be proud of! I think setting the goal and finishing what you have so far is absolutely amazing....regardless of WHEN you finish. I hope you have an amazing relaxing time with your honey this weekend. For what it's worth, I am proud of you for what you have done and I enjoy your posts about your puppies :-)


That's okay. What you've done is fantastic and beautiful.

Jean McMurry

You have done so much for other people, and I know you will eventually finish all of the quilts, so enjoy your week end with Ryan, and Christmas eve with your Aunt and Uncle, and when the holidays are over take a deep breath and go at it again.


You've done a heck of a job with what you have accomplished and what is in the "pipeline". Take pride in that!

When your heart's not in the quilting, it becomes a chore and not something to enjoy. Quilting is supposed to be a pleasure and a stress relief.

Still cheering you on from Ohio!

Miss Pink

If you need help just pick up the phone, Sweetie! I'd be happy to sew for you. I'd even bind for you (by machine). Nothing said you have to do this completely on your own and I feel like you've given me so much this year through your blog that I'd love it if you would let me give a little something back. Hugs!

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