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Yeah, you! I may have to agree about the Wonder Woman thing. Hope you plan to take Christmas Day off.


Your goal is awesome and the fact that you have nearly achieved it is unbelievable. Wow! Good on you!!!!!


Good job, girl! I'm dying to see them. Please take photos. When things have calmed down, post them. I've enjoyed this year seeing these beautiful quilts. It has been amazing and inspiring. You have done all these quilts....and I've not finished one. Hopefully by next year, I'll have the five I've been working on done (they are all applique, so I have an excuse).


You are my hero!! Good for you!

Lisa Mikel

Good job Tracee! We are all very happy for you! That's awesome! Wow I'm amazed at all you do :)

Miss Pink

I think I can... I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...chug, chug, chug...and over the top of the hill you go! Yay, you!!!


Wonder Woman is putting it mildly. A very well deserved if unwanted title but meant with love I'm sure. So proud of you. Wish I had your ability to "stick to it". I'm a new quilter, have many quilts planned, some tops sewn but only one finished. Seem to go off to my other love miniatures. Many UFO's there as well.
Happy Holidays to all in your household and may 2014 bring only positive things.

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