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Jean McMurry

If I lived in CO. I would would so volunteer, but I live in TX, and it too far away. But you have my moral support, and know I'm pulling for you. Does that help? And if you can't finish by 12-31-13 there is always January to finish, life as we know it, will continue. Luv you.


You're doing great! I've got about 6 quilts done this year, and another 4 in the almost a top stage....we'll see how the month progresses!


Would be glad to help if I were close enough! Good Luck!

Tina in NJ

Isn't December always crazy? If anyone can do it, Tracee, you can. I'll be rooting for you, but please don't hurt yourself.


Wow. I can't believe how much you've accomplished.

Marjolein den Boer

Wauw!! That's an impressive list Tracee!!
Not sure if it's practical to mail a quilt back and forth to the Netherlands... but if that's no issue for you, than I could help with a binding, or do a bit of quilting for you on my Bernie. Or else: just lots of positive thoughts!!


Wish I lived closer because I would love to help you accomplish your goal. Also meet those lovely fur babies.
We can't foresee what happens in our lives down the road, this was not supposed to be a burden but as I understood it an expression of love to those people who have meant the most to you through your 35/36 years. None of them would want to think that their quilt was a burden and took away from enjoyment to you nor added stress to your already stressful life. Its not failure if 19 quilts get made this month, but it is failure when Tracee gets sick and RuyGuy and the furries are worried because Mommy is to sick to look after them.


We told you we could all make blocks and send them to you. Should have taken us up on that a while back!

You are doing a great job. You need to make an appeal to any folks with longarms anywhere near you to volunteer to quilt a top for you.

Also, you might find it fun to end the year with an old fashioned "Quilting Bee" and invite everyone within driving distance to bring their machine and help out with piecing or binding. I think that would be a blast to end the year with a big blow out quilting bee.


Wow! You are doing so well. I can't wait to all the pictures. I love Misty Pines and hope there is a pattern available someday. Wish I could help you -- you are AWESOME!


Oh my gosh. You are doing an incredible job. That is already a ton of quilts finished.

I would LOVE to help. Not sure it's feasible, but if there's anything I can do from Alabama, let me know :)


Wow, what a long list of finished quilts. You have been awesomely busy and many people have been blessed with one of your creations. I know you are thinking of what needs to be completed, but don't forget what you have done. You go girl!!

Just some quick questions because I am curious - which of these quilts will you do again? Which was the easiest? Which was harder than you thought it would be? Which was the hardest and what made it so hard?

Good luck on the project.

Susan Madden

Wow!! You have done so much! Wish I lived close enough to come over and help. Unless... you want to mail your fabric and instructions to me in Texas and I'd be happy to make some blocks for you. Or just the instructions and I can get fabric here. Seriously.


Wow CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have done an AMAZING job!!!
Can't wait to see all the finished products! I think drawing could count also lol. xo

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