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Ronda Gephart

I love this new look. Great job!
Favorite Smell:Spring,fresh cut wood,my Grandma's House.(Every once in while I get that smell of love.) A blessing
First Job: clerk in a bookstore
Job Now: Next Gen Pastor Assistant
Astrological Sign: Don't know, don't really care
Favorite pizza: What? Better question... what don't you like on your pizza - anchovies.

Birthdate: Nov 5

Favorite dog: Lilly

Favorite cat: NOT

Favorite foot attire: Barefoot

Roller Coaster: Not at all

Favorite candy: Dark chocolate

Favorite ice cream: Vanilla

Pet peeves: Other people's pet peeves. (agree)

What are you listening to right now: Silence, Peace

Color of eyes: Blue

Favorite Holiday: Christmas and Easter - celebrating Christ.ME Too

Night owl, morning or day person:Night owl

Favorite day of week: Fri- Sunday

Tattoos: none

Like to cook: Yes Yes Yes

Beer or wine or neither: Wine

Can you drive a manual transmission: Of course raised on a farm

Favorite color: Blues, Aqua The ocean is my healing color

Do you like vegetables: Not to fond of turnips (are those vegetables?)
Do you wear glasses:For reading

Favorite season: Like them all, Spring is all clean and new, Summer is healing and warm, Fall is beautiful with color,Winter Snow is refreshing and just a miracle in it's self.

There I accepted your rose.

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