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take care and keep giving your sorrows to God. I have a brother. actually I have 3 brothers. but this one brother, I was born in January and he was born in December, of the SAME YEAR. my mother was amazing. anyway we grew up like twins. and he has over the last 15 years severed every relationship he has, with all siblings, divorced wife of 20+ years, has nothing to do with his son and daughter, and it has given me much sorrow. I began to pray earnestly many years ago. down on my knees every day. and a wonderful thing happened. God changed ME. I am able to now hope for my brother that life will be beautiful for him again. and I don't have to be sorry anymore. because I KNOW - GOD has this in his control. my brother may not find joy in this life, but he will find healing and joy ultimately. GOD has YOU in his hands. Linda

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